LED Panels


Bringing images to life
LED by RGS: for unforgettable visual experiences

The content on your LED walls should always look picture perfect. For those moments that matter.

Enjoy Full Flexibility

Let your imagination run wild. With RGS LED, it’s child’s play to create and display new content whenever you feel like it – you’ll match any standard resolution. The set-up? It’s all possible: small or big. Or really big. Flat or curved. It’s really up to you.

Swift Setup & Maintenance

Installation of a RGS LED video wall is a breeze with the fast and intuitive user interface, which can be implemented in your existing monitoring and control solutions. Need to replace a module? It’ll be done in less than 2 minutes thanks to the magnetic Assisted Module Extraction. Moreover, the tiles are fully accessible from front and back. Which means you’ll also reduce the risk of pixel damage.

A Seamless Canvas

“LED tiles? But what about seams?” We anticipated that question. Our answer: camera-supported seam correction technology combined with mechanical adjustment. This way, you’ll easily align each tile for a stunning, seamless canvas. We are the manufacturers and exporters of LED Panels.


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